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The science education has two important purposes, first to ensure that young people entering the workforce of the current era have the knowledge and skills necessary to promote economic, scientific and technological development. Second is to give the future citizens a understanding of scientific and technological approaches and evidence, so that they will be able to make perform decisions on scientific and technological issues.

Throughout the world, education policy makers allocate high priority and considerable resources to the teaching of science and technology with the aim to educate the scientists, technologists and technicians on whom future economic development is perceived to depend. There is a further challenge to improve public understanding of science.

A Bachelor of Science degree is normally required in order to work in the field of scientific development. B. Sc. course aims to shape a career in the field of science and technology. It is a three years academic degree course, in which latest technological concepts related to current science are taught.

Duration of the Course - Three year
Medium of Instruction - Hindi / English
Eligibility - Senior Secondary Pass (Science)
Compulsory Papers (First Year) - Hindi, Environmental Studies
Compulsory Papers (Second Year) - English, General Studies (Second Year)

Select one of the following groups

▶ Mathematics Group    -    Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
▶ Biology Group       -    Chemistry, Zoology, Botany
▶ Computer Science Group  -    Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science